Many children and families in the rural communities receive low-income benefits to cover needed medical and mental health services. Unfortunately, the reimbursement for these services only covers a fraction of the costs required to bring quality behavioral health care into the rural areas of the Sierra Nevada and beyond. As a result, the level of mental health services required to adequately meet the community’s needs just does not exist.

Your generous donation helps bridge this financial gap to provide for:

Qualified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and clinical interns to provide behavioral health services.

Psychoeducational materials provided at no cost to recipients.

Play therapy materials and equipment.

Cost of psychological testing to assist in proper diagnosis and treatment planning.

Assistance with gas and other transportation costs that might otherwise prohibit children and families from accessing services.

Cost of keeping Desert Sage Resource Center’s clinic doors open to the community.

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