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All people deserve easy access to quality mental health care and resources. The Desert Sage Resource Center is a non-profit organization built specifically to address the therapeutic needs of the rural and underserved areas of Northern Nevada. We provide access to evidence-based behavioral health services, psychological and forensic assessment, and psycho-education in order to reduce the effects of poverty and violence on adults and families who normally do not have access to such services.

We strive to meet the behavioral health needs of the most vulnerable of our community by providing equitable access to services to restore emotional wellbeing, combat the impact of violence through mental health support, and assist families out of poverty stemming from mental health challenges.

To continue serving our community in the capacity it needs, we offer psychology internships.

About Us

Desert Sage Resource Center envisions communities where all people, especially families impacted by poverty and violence, have access to quality behavioral health services and care.

Our Mission

Desert Sage Resource Center facilitates access to evidence-based behavioral health services and education in order to reduce the effects of poverty and violence on adults and families throughout the Sierras and beyond.

We are a community-based non-profit organization focused on providing the Northern Nevada region with affordable, quality mental health care. Our team of compassionate professionals will always greet you with kindness and treat you with respect.

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Behavioral Health Services


Many children and families in the rural communities receive low-income benefits to help cover needed medical and mental health services. Unfortunately, the reimbursement for these services only covers a fraction of the costs. As a result, the level of mental health services required to adequately meet the community’s needs just does not exist.

Your generous donation will help us bridge the financial gap and bring quality mental health services to the community.